Painting Mařížská Ceramics

You will be provided ceramics soaked in white glaze, mostly a mug or a sculpture of an animal, plate, pot, jug, bowl, etc.  (on-the-spot there is a selection of approx. 80 kinds of ceramics of different shapes), and also a brush, slate-pencil, colour box, poss. an apron, and a tutor who wil explain how to work with ceramics, which painting techniques to use, what colours would be suitable, etc., will be at hand. Painting on ceramics is not difficult. It is more or less about having an idea and playing with colours.  It is also possible to draw a picture with a pencil on ceramics in advance, or, for example, to engrave it with a slate-pencil and colour free space then.  Painting mugs and smaller ceramics takes about an hour, with a bigger piece of ceramics you spend 2-3 hours according to its difficulty and your diligence.  You can choose from two locations - Maříž or Slavonice. 

In the village called Maříž, there can be found more than 80 places where you can paint ceramics, some of them are out in the garden under an umbrella or inside in a shady renovated barn, and there are also available playground with wooden climbers, beautiful and accessible garden, restaurant with a beergarden and stylish interior inside providing selected farmer´s menu and pastry baked in a real traditional domestic baking oven (mainly at the weekend - current dates available on our website .or on Facebook).  In addition, you can also take a walk to Austrian border or to a revitalized park, or eventually in surrounding forests or to local ponds.  The atmosphere of whole place is cool and directly calls for relaxation.

Another possibilities in painting ceramics are in the lower part of the square next to the hotel U Růže in Slavonice, where, in a truly unique place, there is furnished a Maříž shop including workshops for painting ceramics, t-shirt printing, there you can also find a shop with hand-painted t-shirts, hand-crafted jewelry, etc.  There is also an outdoor resting place with benches and oven, and at the same time possibilities of painting inside. At the moment the capacity of workshops is about 20 persons. 

Contact:  facebook: facebook/keramikamariz,
tel. Maříž +420 384 493 336-7,
tel. Slavonice +420 734 754 126

Maříž 27, 378 81 Slavonice (2,5 km from Slavonice)
Nám. Míru 451, 378 81 Slavonice

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