ZOO Na Hrádečku in Horní Pěna

It is an emerging private ZOOPARK covering the area of 10 ha. It is located between municipalities Dolní and Horní Pěna near Jindřichův Hradec.

Its name was derived from historical name of the hill, where the ZOO is located.  The idea of building a ZOOPARK came up to life in 2010, but already in 2007 there were a lot of animal species, mainly terrarium ones, and the diversity of species has expanded year after year.  Nowadays you can find 8 species of New World monkeys, lemurs, camels, llamas, wallabies or kangaroos, donkeys, 3 species of ostriches, coatis, racoons, porcupines, monitor lizards, crocodiles and many more...  
You can visit the ZOO during announced visiting days or after proceeding a telephone arrangement. 

Guided tour always starts at 14.00 and at 16.00 at the main entrance (point No. 2 on the map).  You will reach the entrance via the track, which is situated between Horní and Dolní Pěna (point no. 1 on the map).  Signs providing better direction are placed by the crossroad during visiting days.
The ZOOPARK is closed during off days. Extraordinarily it is possible to organise a tour for a group containing min.  15 people (additional information via phone No. ).
ZOOPARK Na Hrádečku is under construction, and that is why the visit is possible only in the form of guided tours.  Every guided tour lasts for 1.5 hours.  Entrance fee is not determined - Contributions are voluntary and are used for the further development and food for animals.
Due to a large number of requests we have prepared at least this kind of guided tours for this year.  Thank You for Your interest and supporting our project, which is unique in Jindřichohradecko.  We are looking forward to Your visit!  Kind Regards, Team of ZOOPARK Na Hrádečku

Any questions will be answered on tel.  732 353 340
Address: Horní Pěna 51, 378 31 Horní Pěna
More information: www.zoonahradecku.cz