Museum of Cz. Army 1938

The museum can be found at the State Castle and Chateau in J. Hradec (entrance from the gate by the accession to the 1st courtyard). It is dedicated to Cz. Army from September 1938. You can see the armament and uniforms of the Cz. Infantry, including the heavy machine gun in fi ring position. A part of it is historically equipped and armed model of the room of the customs offi ce, which evokes the atmosphere of just fi nished fi ghts, model of the bunker of the scale of 1:1 supplied with armament and internal equipment, equipped civil bombshelter and historical camp of soldiers. There is also an exhibition of exhibits, which the visitors may freely manipulate and explore in details. That will be defi nitely appreciated by the youngest visitors, who will have an opportunity to check a rifle, light machine gun, helmets, gas masks, they can try on a uniform and be photographed in it.

Curiosity: In the museum, there is a selection of literature about Cz. army and Cz. fortifi cation, which cannot be found in regular bookshops.

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GPS: 49°8‘32.837“N, 15°0‘4.393“E

Address: Dobrovského 1/I, 377 01 Jindřichův Hradec