Landfras Printing Works

Alois Landfras had this building on Balbínovo square rebuilt as his printing works. The Empire style preserved till today was the work of Josef Schaffer, who built the building in 1827. He added one floor with a portico and balcony to the original building. The Landfras family were printers; originally, they were tanners in Jindřichův Hradec, who moved to Příbram and back to Jindřichův Hradec at the end of the 18th century. Members of the family co-created the town’s cultural awareness and belonged to the group of Czech national revival burghers. They issued especially prayer books, calendars and storybooks. The most important family member, Alois Landfras, was the town’s mayor in 1850 – 1861. The printing works distributed thousands of books with folk literature, fair and funfair songs, prayers and prayer books and also regional newspapers for over 100 years.

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