Cemetery Church of St. Wenceslaus

The originally Gothic church was first mentioned in 1399. In 1457-1479, the Franciscans administered the church and according to a legend they resided in the nearby house no. 67. Later they moved to the monastery at the Church of St. Catherine. In 1550, the priest Jan of Milevsko issued an order that Hradec citizens must be buried at the Church of St. Wenceslaus; however, the cemetery was not sanctified until 1576. In 1606 the Jesuits rebuilt the church; however, already in 1618 the church was completely ravaged by Dampier’s soldiers, who did not manage to conquer the town. In 1621 it was repaired again. It was damaged by the devastating fire in 1801; however, in 1816 it was reconstructed again from donations of the burgers and villagers from Hradec’s surroundings, who buried their deceased here.
The small church has one nave with a pentagonal presbytery and a rectangular sacristy on the right side. A square tower adjoins the facade of the nave, which is transformed at the top into a distinctive octagonal pyramidal roof from 1878. An open chapel with mural paintings from the 19th century is next to the tower. The Gothic windows of the presbytery contain traceries; there are no traceries in the nave windows. The windows are decorated with coloured glass by F. Schlinger.