Jindřichův Hradec

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„Dear Friends,

we invite you to visit our old city and the surrounding beautiful and stunning south Bohemian landscape with the silvery poetry of fish lake plains picturesquely merging into the forest scenery. Come and fall in love with our region.

It will reward you with the magic of its diverse forms, colours and aromas. You can experience days under the sing of the historical rose among the walls of Renaissance houses or romantic chateaux, you can breathe the scents of forest tranquillity, you can dream in the warm waves of a summer fish lake or on its shore as a patient fisherman waiting for a catch, you can saddle a horse and count the experiences gained in the horse saddle. You can do almost everything.

We want to offer you the hospitality of our city, the beauty of surrounding deep forests with their wealth of fruits and animals, scented meadows and enjoyment from the numerous cultural and historical monuments. We want to organise your stay in the beautiful and untouched countryside by offering the traditional south Bohemian cuisine and magic of this region. All this will be the right sort of balm for your soul so you can feel good, draw fresh energy and be happy to return.“

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