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Municipal Day
In June, municipal feasts are held in Jindřichův Hradec, situated in the centre of the town and mainly in the complex of the State castle and palace. The feasts always aim at a different topic.

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Muzeum JH

Museums in Jindřichův Hradec Region

South Bohemia, including the Jindřichův Hradec region, is an ideal target destination for tourists from the point of view of museum attractions. Various and frequently even unique museum collections tell a lot bout lives of our ancestors, their habits and customs and undoubtedly, they are an inspiration for current era.

Museum of Jindřichův Hradec region, established in 1882, can be found in renaissance building of former Jesuit seminar in Balbínovo square jut from 1827. One of the best items in extensive collections of the museum is the Krýza Crib – the largest folk mechanic creche in the world, a unique collection of mostly Gothic plastics and a unique collection of painted sharpshooters´ targets and target weapons, but also e.g. the Hall of Ema Destinnová. The gallery section displays religious monuments, arts and furniture.

National Museum of Photography can be found in the building of former Jesuit College just since 2002. The building was subject to an extensive reconstruction. In the course of the reconstruction there were uncovered even large ceiling and wall paintings. The museum has already hosted many prestigious exhibitions, seminars, topic evenings and others. The exhibition program includes works of local and foreign authors, works of classic authors and the newest generation of photographers.

Air Museum in Deštná. The exposition presents Czechoslovak pilots fighting during WW II as well as development of civil and military aviation, mainly in the South of Bohemia. The visitors can see for example a part of the plane esserschmitt Me – 109, that crashed in the South of Bohemia in 1945, also exhibits from foreign exhibitions. The former cinema hall is dedicated to Czechoslovak sport military aviation and military traditions of recently extinct 153rd rescue battalion in Jindřichův Hradec.

Rope Making Museum in Deštná. The history of rope making in Deštná dates back to the 70´s of the 18th century and it is closely connected with seven generation of the Klik family. Karel Klik was the founder of the Rope Making Museum in Deštná in 1998. The visitors can see these some 260 exhibits, they can see the old craft procedures of traditional manufacture of ropes, straps, mats and nets using original tools on period rope making machines.

Museum of Czechoslovak Fortifications – Monastery II. It is located to the east of Klášter village, in the district of Nová Bystřice. The blue tourist mark will take you to the museum. You can see 9 objects of reinforced concrete, 2 of them
accessible for the public. They are equipped with period equipment, original accessories and tools of pre-war Czechoslovak army. The Museum of Czechoslovak Fortifications is the memorial of the infantry 29 – it corps were dislocated in
Jindřichův Hradec border country in September 1938 and they waited for the attack of German army there.

Museum of fossils in Roseč. Millions years old bones of pre-historic animals, fossils of trilobites, fish, plants and other similar unique objects you can see in the largest private paleontological museum in Roseč, district of Jindřichův Hradec. This is a whole-life collection of Henk and Nolla Blaase from Holland, who donated it as a permanent exhibition just to Roseč.

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