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Municipal Day
In June, municipal feasts are held in Jindřichův Hradec, situated in the centre of the town and mainly in the complex of the State castle and palace. The feasts always aim at a different topic.

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By foot

Jindřichův Hradec region by foot

The region of Jindřichův Hradec offers to visitors beautiful unharmed nature, full of ponds, forests as well as breath-taking panoramas. Well marked tourist routes provide you with the possibility of choosing a short or a long trip to location that you will not forget.

Route 1 / 3-hour trip / approximate length 3 km / starting point: Jindřichův Hradec

Walking Tour in the Town of Jindřichův Hradec

Masarykovo square→Klášterská street → Husova street → Grammar School of Vítězslav Novák → College and Students hall of Economic University→ Husovy sady → along Nežárka River → Zákostelecké square → Church of Admission of Our Lady  → Jesuit College → Nežárecká Gate → House / Dům u Bradáče → Nové  Stavení Street → Landfrasova zahrada / garden → Mlýnská street → State castle and palace → Dobrovského square → nám. Míru
square  → Masarykovo square

We will start the trip at the tourist orientation map in Masarykovo square, following the above described route. The walking tour in the historical part of Jindřichův Hradec offers many interesting stop points and non-traditional views of the most frequently visited monuments of the town (view of the palace complex with roundel and former tan houses with shingle roofs). A part of the route follows the yellow tourist mark.

Rest points: Husovy sady, Nové Stavení street, State castle and palace in Jindřichův Hradec

Route No.1 
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Route 2/ half-day trip / approximate length 6 km / starting point: Jindřichův Hradec

From Jindřichův Hradec to Děbolín and back

Masarykovo square → Husovy sady → Basic School of Arts → Janderova  street →Naxerova lávka / footbridge → Bratrská street →Jakubská street → St. Jacob’s  Church → Airport Jindřichův Hradec → View of Karel Zvěřina → Děbolín

Even now, we will start the trip at the tourist orientation map in Masarykovo square. On the way, we can stop for example by the Monument of Legionaries in Husovy sady, St. Jacob’s Church, the View of Karel Zvěřina and in the target village of our trip, Děbolín. There we can visit the well-known workshop of arts or we can use the services of tennis centre. A part of the route follows the cycling lane NO. č.1148 and red tourist mark.

Rest points: St. Jacob’s Church in Husovy sady, Polívka Pond, View of Karel Zvěřina


Route 3 / whole day tip  / approximate length 11km /  starting point: Jindřichův Hradec / transport possibilities: the narrow-gauge railway of Jindřichův Hradec

Jindra´s Nature Trail

Bank of the Vajgar Pond→Jindřiš→Blažejov→Malý Ratmírov

The nature trail starts at the bank of the Vajgar Pond, close to Slavíkův forest, the route follows the red tourist mark and offers a nice walk through the valley of Hamerský stream wit several rare plants and animals. The nature trail offers in total 21 instructional panels and in the terrain it can be divided into 4 parts: around the Vajgar Pond (approximately 1km), J.Hradec – Jindřiš (approximately 4km), Jindřiš – Blažejov (approximately 3km) and Blažejov – Malý Ratmírov (approximately 3km). An interesting place close to this route is the small castle of Vítek, respectively residuals of its ramparts and foundations. It is located opposite to Blažejov, on a forest point and 0,3km long branch way is marked with tourist marks.

Rest points: Jindřiš valley, Vítek´s castle, Ratmírov Pond

Route No.2, Route No.3

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Jindřichův Hradec region from the Horseback

Even fans of horse riding will find some opportunities in the region of Jindřichův Hradec. There are really many possibilities to see the world from the horseback while riding a horse through picturesque country full of beautiful sceneries. You can rent horses e.g.: 

Penzion Najdek (tel.: +420 777 758 047, +420 384 385 192),

Stanislav Šamal (tel.: +420 721 444 754),

Statek pod Javořicí (tel.: +420 721 328 331)

Rodvínov - Mr. Miškovský (tel.: +420 721 432 115, +420 725 510 459)

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