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Museum of Jindřichův Hradec Region
One of the best items in extensive collections of the museum is the Krýza Crib – the largest folk mechanic creche in the world, a unique collection of mostly Gothic plastics and a unique collection of painted sharpshooters´ targets and target weapons, but also e.g. the Hall of Ema Destinnová.

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Jindra´s Educational Trail

Lets go for a walk to romantic Jindřišské valley along the Hamerský Brook, discover interesting places which lie within reach right behind the town! Jindra´s Educational Trail leads along the red tourist trail between Jindřichův Hradec and Malý Ratmírov. You will get more information from informatik boards on the educational trail, and children will be gladdened by Jindra the Froggy´s playful tasks in every resting place. Your walk can be appropriately combined with another local attraction - the narrow- -gauge railway of Jindřichův Hradec. Whole educational trail is about 12 kilometres long. Whereas it coils near the Hamerský Brook, it is recommended to hike it downstream (from Malý Ratmírov to Jindřichův Hradec), so you will go downhill for all the time. The last resting places are lined by a bank of the pond Vajgar. What would you expect on our educational path? From the walk along the interesting rocky bed of Hamerský Brook, through the enthralling skenery of Jindřišské Valley with its rocky hillsides and debris Jindra´s Educational Trail forests, up to views of natural meanders of Hamerský Brook and the Town Forest, which will slowly také you back to civilization. And if you like to get to know whole trail, you will walk the last kilometer arend the pond Vajgar - the educational trail starts here with the board at the edge of Denisova Street, you will cross the Hamerský Brook via the overpass by the road and then you will descend back to the wild at the edge of Vajgar housing estate. Your walk will defi nitely end in the Slavíkův Forest. Jindra´s Educational Trail currently contains 21 boards, which are intended for adult visitors. Each of them also has a part devoted to children of preschool, or possibly primary school, age. This part for children is compiled and extended in a colourful brochure, which you can get for your children free of charge in the information  centre in Panská Street in Jindřichův Hradec.

Curiosity: Jindra´s Educational Path does not off er just a pleasant walk through wonderful natural sceneries, but also encountering several rare species from the realm of plants and animals.

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tel.: +420 384 320 846, +420 606 325 944

GPS: 49°8‘35.924“N, 14°59‘52.476“E

Address: Nežárecká 103/IV, 377 01 Jindřichův Hradec

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Jindrova naučná stezka 1

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Jindrova naučná stezka 2

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