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Advent in the Palace
In the course of summer season, the State castle and palace in Jindřichův Hradec is the aim of thousands of tourists mainly due to its beauty, extent and undisputable cultural and historic wealth, while in advent period it attracts its visitors by festive atmosphere supported by period markets.

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The town observation tower

If your back are in pain because of intensive search for the 15th Meridian, you can go just a few metres further and by the Probost Church of Assumption of the Virgin Mary you can stretch your back and look up this time. At least for the moment. The Town Observation Tower will rise in front of your eyes. Its total height is 68,3 metres, when the dome is almost 24 metres. Th e orb at the top is 1,2 metres in diameter and the cross at the top is 5 metres high. Th e visitor who goes up the 153 stairs will have an opportunity to view the town from the height of 35,3 metres and will rise up to 513 metres above the sea level. It is worthy of it to go up to the gallery of the Town Observation Tower. Th e view that daredevils experience is certainly worthy of all the eff orts.


Hundreds of devotees have tried to conquer 153 stairs of the Town ObservationTower in the fastest possible time for many years. Competition entitled „Run up the Tower“ regularly takes place in May and on the occasion of the International Day of Museums it always has attention of the public.

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