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State castle and palace in Jindřichův Hradec
It is the third largest historical monument in the Czech Republic. One of the most valuable architectonic complexes in our country was pronounced the National Cultural Monument in 1996.

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15th Meridian

If there was a competition for the most famous line of Jindřichohradecko, the winner would certainly be the one, which can be found at the corner of the Probost Church of Assumption of the Virgin Mary in the town centre itself. Inapparent band made of cobbles does not bode anything special at the fi rst sight, but still, it has been one of the greatest attractions of Jindřichohradecko for many years. That line marks the spot, which is intersected by the 15th Meridian of the Eastern longitude. No one knows when was the meridián marked by the church, i.e. when our ancestors put into the pavement the curb, which used to be there before actual design, nobody knows. Th e meridián can be defi ned as an imaginary line (circle) arend the globe, which intersects both poles and the equator twice, so it must therefore precisely follow the North -Eastern direction. Th e 15th Meridian is located 15° in the Eastern direction from the Greenwich Meridian. It goes from the North Pole across the Northern Arctic Ocean, Europe, Africa, Atlantic Ocean, and Southern Ocean to the South Pole. Th e solar time of 15th Meridian is the Central European Time. With exaggeration, but also quite seriously, it shall be stated, that citizens of Jindřichův Hradec know the exact anter regarding the precise Central European Time. You will learn much more than just about the 15th Meridian at the František Nušl´s Observatory, which has been resident in Jindřichův Hradec since 1961.


Due to modern technologies, in particular due to data from suffi cient number of satellites, the experts have made the conclusion, that the marking of the 15th Meridian by the corner of the Church of Assumption of the Virgin Mary is inaccurate, as well as its direction - orientation according to points of the compass. Meridian really intersects Jindřichův Hradec, but it leads much closer to the river Nežárka, which even crosses it on the old path. Kind of a little paradoxically the 15th Meridian passes by 4 metres from the entrance into the F. Nušl´s Observatory. As the only one in Czech Republic, and probably in Central Europe, it is situated on thus geographically and astronomically important position (the centre of the time zone) in the altitude of 496 m above the sea level. If the visitor oversteps the 15th Meridian in any place, he or she shall make a wish. Unchangeable remains the legend according to which such a wish fulfi lls in a year and a day. 

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