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Opera at the castle
Regularly in August, opera under the open sky takes place on the third courtyard of the State Castle, where members of The National Theatre Opera present the best known opera pieces.

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Tapestry Workshop


The tapestry workshop with its red tin roof is located in the street Pod hradem between Nežárka and one of the two channels flowing from Small Vajgar to this river. The workshop was founded by Marie Teinitzerová in 1910 as a workshop for weaving and restoring tapestry. The owner and the top creative worker in woven textile in one person contributed greatly to the development of modern textile production. In 1954, the workshop was moved to a newly reconstructed house in the street Pod hradem, where it has remained till this day, and in the nearby shop (in Komenského Street) it is possible to book an excursion. Tanners’ houses with mansard roofs, that used to be open for drying leather, used to stand on both banks of the Nežárka. Some of the houses are still there. If we continue along the street Pod hradem, we will see a place above the mouth of the channel into Nežárka, where the town fortifications were connected to the castle fortifications.

Ateliéry tapiserií s.r.o.
Pod hradem 7
377 01 Jindřichův Hradec
tel.: +420 384 321 348


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