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Advent in the Palace
In the course of summer season, the State castle and palace in Jindřichův Hradec is the aim of thousands of tourists mainly due to its beauty, extent and undisputable cultural and historic wealth, while in advent period it attracts its visitors by festive atmosphere supported by period markets.

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This place used to be part of the town fortifications between the external and internal walls, where Jindřichův Hradec sharpshooters practised their skills. The later restaurant was named after them (Na střelnici; střelnice = firing range). When the nearby town gate called Prague or New Town was demolished in 1822, the architect Josef Schaffer built a new two-storey building here. An amateur theatre group was established here in 1843 thanks to the Jindřichův Hradec patriot, Josef Procházka, MD; later the well-known Jablonský town theatre group took up this tradition. In 1846, Střelnice hosted the first Czech ball of the National Education Organisation. Střelnice was rebuilt in 1881, 1891 and 1923, when it was owned by the Jindřichův Hradec Sokol association. In 1928, a cinema was built in the yard along the old wall. Just as in the past, Střelnice is now also the centre of the town’s cultural and social life.

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