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Advent in the Palace
In the course of summer season, the State castle and palace in Jindřichův Hradec is the aim of thousands of tourists mainly due to its beauty, extent and undisputable cultural and historic wealth, while in advent period it attracts its visitors by festive atmosphere supported by period markets.

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Old Town Hall

stara radnice

It was first mentioned in 1493, when a small tower was built on its top, where master Hanuš of Prague attached a new astronomical clock (supposedly he was the creator of the Prague Old Town Hall astronomical clock). At the beginning of the 17th century, it was rebuilt, and the small street where bread used to be sold disappeared (the passageway is still called “Chlebnice” (chléb = bread). A jail adjoined the building’s rear and the dreaded pillory was in front of the town hall. The fire in May 1801 took its toll also on the town hall, which had to be rebuilt. In 1807 it was completed by Josef Schaffer, a well-known Jindřichův Hradec builder, who reconstructed and built many burgher houses at the beginning of the 19th century. Today, the Old Town Hall has three floors and a mansard roof, over the passageway there is the municipal emblem in the form as it was obtained from king Vladislav II in 1483. The building served as the town hall until 1848. Afterwards, municipal authorities were moved to the opposite building no. 136/I, which used to be called “Na váze” (On a Balance) (a painted stone municipal emblem is also above the entrance) and the district headquarters resided in the old town hall until 1905. Before the municipal authority returned to the building, the interior, especially the meeting room, was reconstructed according to the design of the architect Jan Kotěra. After World War II, the old town hall no longer served its original purpose and since 1991 offices of the Municipal Authority Construction Department and Urban Planning Department have been located here.

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