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Town Lookout Tower
It is a part of the Church of Assumption of Our Lady. After overcoming 153 steps, the visitor have an excellent view of Jindřichův Hradec from the tower gallery.

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Nežárecká Gate

nezarecka brana1

Nežárecká Gate, similarly as the later adjoining former Jesuit seminary, is an element of the town’s fortifications. Only this gate, which also used to be called Linz Gate, has been preserved from the original three town gates. The original medieval gate with two Gothic floors was expanded during the construction of the adjoining seminary with another floor in the late-Renaissance style with embrasures and gable roof. At the beginning of the 19th century, a triangular gable was added and a clock was placed there. In 1879, a tower clock made by Martin Rezek, a Jindřichův Hradec clockmaker, was installed in the gate. On the western side, the gate is decorated with a stone relief of the town crest in a Renaissance cartouche; painted crests of Jan Jiří Jáchym Slavata and his wife, Marie Markéta of Rappach, were installed on the inner side of the gate at the end of the 17th century. 

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