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State castle and palace in Jindřichův Hradec
It is the third largest historical monument in the Czech Republic. One of the most valuable architectonic complexes in our country was pronounced the National Cultural Monument in 1996.

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Church of St. Mary Magdalena

kostel sv mari magdaleny

This is probably the oldest church in Jindřichův Hradec, founded by Jindřich I, who granted patronage right to the German Knights Order to build the church. This right was confirmed by Jindřich’s son Vítek in 1255. Since the church was rather small, it was often called a chapel. The Order also established a hospital here for 12 patients. In 1594 it was connected to the Jesuit College, which was built here instead of the hospital and adjoining buildings. When the church burnt down in 1615, Vilém Slavata had a new church built in 1628 – 1632 for 12,000 Rhein Guldens from the confiscated property of rebellious burghers. A tower was added to the church in 1652, which was said to be as large as the parish tower.

When the Jesuit Order was abolished in 1773, military masses were held here until 1789; afterwards the church was closed and sold to the burghers of Jindřichův Hradec. After the fire in 1801, the third owner put a new roof on the church, had the tower pulled down and the bodies from the crypt were buried in the Trinity cemetery. Soon after, the church was sold to the army. The early-Baroque church has one nave and a pentagonal presbytery. The Chapel of St. Hippolytus with historically valuable frescos is situated on its southern side. The Chapel of St. Mary Magdalena adjoins the college building. This is an interesting building from the 1st half of the 17th century, whose interior contains unique stucco decorations. In 1995 the buildings were transferred to Jindřichův Hradec in a desperate condition and at great cost the insensitively installed wood mezzanines, including constructional interventions, were removed, stucco decorations were restored, the flooring was changed, lighting was introduced and the chapel was furnished. The chapel is now used for exhibitions and cultural and social events.

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