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Opera at the castle
Regularly in August, opera under the open sky takes place on the third courtyard of the State Castle, where members of The National Theatre Opera present the best known opera pieces.

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Cemetery Trinity Church

kostel nejsvetejsi trojice

If we walk from Masarykovo square along Jarošovská Street, we will see the Trinity Church, which is surrounded by a cemetery that has been closed down. In 1590 – 1594, a church was built by the Utraquists with the consent of Adam II of Hradec on the site of the cemetery, which was founded in 1582 and sanctified in 1584. At the beginning of the 17th century, the Catholics and the Utraquists were in great conflict in Jindřichův Hradec. Slavata adjudged the Trinity Church to the Jesuits. In 1619, directors returned the church to the Utraquists, but after the return of the Jesuits in 1621, the Church was again assigned under their patronage. The Gothic-Renaissance church has one nave and a pentagonally enclosed presbytery. In 1752 it was newly arched; the vault of the presbytery ends with lunettes without ribs.

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