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Town for Children or Saying Goodbye to Holiday
An event for children, full of attractions, games and competitions with many sweet rewards is annually held in the municipal park in Jindřichův Hradec in the end of August.

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Brewery and Mill

mlyn s elektr

The manorial brewery was built on the ramparts between the palace and the present museum; it was rebuilt in the mid 16th century. In 1580, Adam II of Hradec started building a new brewery below Pluhova bašta, which was one of the oldest in Bohemia. In 1831 – 1835, Bedřich Smetana´s father rented the brewery and lived there with his family. A mill called “U čtrnácti” (At Fourteen), the oldest in Jindřichův Hradec, was built at the place where the channel from Vajgar flows into the Nežárka.

Two stones with the crest of Jáchym of Hradec and his wife Anna of Rožmberk are inserted in the wall over the main entrance, bearing an inscription about the mill’s foundation. The mill is a part of the palace and has been purchased by the National Monument Institute of the Czech Republic. The mill was completed in 1551, in 1888 it was rebuilt as a hydroelectric power station, the first in Bohemia at that time. The turbine and generator (the original generator is displayed in the museum) were installed by František Křižík. The electricity was used for lighting the church (Jindřichův Hradec was the second town after Prague in all of Bohemia to have this). After reconstruction of the former mill, Křižík’s power station has been operating again since 2002 and it produces 15 to 50 kWh, depending on the amount of water. The actual and historic value of the mill is comparable to the town’s most significant buildings. The power station was first introduced to the public in September 2003 as part of the European Heritage festival; and the palace mill experienced the first visiting season in 2004. Visitors can see several exhibition rooms where the tradition of hand-made woven tapestry has been revived and a huge tapestry is regularly exhibited here. Apart from tapestry, craft products can be seen here during the tourist season and a number of cultural events take place here.

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