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Town Lookout Tower
It is a part of the Church of Assumption of Our Lady. After overcoming 153 steps, the visitor have an excellent view of Jindřichův Hradec from the tower gallery.

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Museum of Aviation in Deštná

Letecké muzeum

It is said that the most beautiful view of the World is from the back of the horse. Aeronauts, however, would not completely agree with this saying. For them the most beautiful view of the world is the one from dizzying height. They also know the story about this in Deštná in Jindřichohradecko, where you can find a museum with expositions focused on our aviators fighting in battlefronts of the 2nd World War and the history of aviation in the South of Bohemia. You will see historical aviation equipment and uniforms, fragments of combat aircrafts, documentation and inheritance of our RAF aviators. In the pious room there is a mold from graves of our fallen aviators. The extensive former cinema is devoted to Czechoslovakian sport and military aviation and the tradition of defunct 153rd Jindřichohradecký rescue batallion. In addition to the complete glider Šohaj from the Jindřichohradecký Aeroclub hanging on the ceiling, the dominant exhibits are fragments of military aircrafts. In the aviation cinema you will see some documentary films with aviation themes. Th e pillar of the next part of the exposition consists of the collection of the Club of Aviation History, which provides komplete exposition ( and also off erings or loans. Th e exposition is modifi ed annually. Admission: 50 CZK - adults, 30 CZK - children and pensioners. Printed accompanying texts in English and German are available. Excursions and tours may visit the museum out of the opening hours according to the agreement with the guide.

Curiosity: In the Museum of Aviation there can be seen many unique exhibits: for example a part of the aircraft Messerschmitt Me-109, remains of B-24 Liberator PP-Y or the engine from BF 109, which was found in the surroundings of Veselí nad Lužnicí.

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Opening hours: Season / Off –season
The museum is opened from Tuesday to Sunday.
July, August: 9:30 - 17:00 hrs.
May, June, September: 11:00 - 17:00 hrs.
October - April: according to the agreement at: +420 721 415 581 (guide)

tel.: +420 384 384 231, +420 384 384 291

GPS: 49°15‘54.835“N, 14°55‘21.738“E

Adress: náměstí Míru 61, 378 25 Deštná

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