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Town Lookout Tower
It is a part of the Church of Assumption of Our Lady. After overcoming 153 steps, the visitor have an excellent view of Jindřichův Hradec from the tower gallery.

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Chateaux Nová Bystřice

zamek nova bystrice

Chateau Nová Bystřice

Core of the complex system of chateau buildings was built on a foundation of a Gothic castle from 13th century and its fortifications.  Original entry into the castle led through the southeastern Gothic gate, which was later rebuilt in a Renaissance style, across the yard between the chateau and the dean church.  Eastern tract of the chateau with barrel vaults used to be a part of the original castle. 
The castle was rebuilt by a noble family Krajířové z Krajku, who owned the Bystřice domain in 1381 - 1575.  The building witnessed several devastating fires in its history, and it was generally reconstructed for several times.  The main four-winged building was rebuilt in a Renaissance style after a fire in 1607. It was reconstructed by Radslav z Vchynic a Tetova, what is evidenced by an inscript plate in the second courtyard.  Some rooms on the first floor of the eastern wing of the building are arched, and their ceilings are decorated with Renaissance stucco arches with crests.  Preserved stacked Renaissance arcade can be found in the corner of this wing.  In 17th century there were built administrative and economic buildings in the former so-called  courtyard opened onto the square. 

Due to devastating fires, the entire complex system of the chateau was rebuilt and reconstructed in 1651 and 1774.  In 1843, all buildings were reduced by one floor and the castle moat was filled up.  The building served the loom school later, and after 1945 it was adapted to a textile warehouse. Nowadays it is a private property and only the first courtyard is opened to the public during summer celebrations.

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